Health care is a right, not a privilege

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The Community Health Center is, and has been since its inception, committed to transforming the way health care is delivered. When we began providing care in 1972, most of our focus was simply on making sure everyone who needed it had access, regardless of ability to pay.

As the Health Center has grown since 1972, we ask ourselves a simple question every day: “Access to what?” It is our mission to not just provide health care, but to make sure that the care we provide is the best it can be, and is what best meets the needs of our communities and patients. That definition has changed over the years as our communities have changed, and as the health care system has evolved. To be a world class primary care organization, the Health Center is constantly transforming itself to reflect these changing needs and a changing environment.

The Health Center identifies at least three critical paths in this transformational work:

We are always striving for clinical excellence
We are constantly innovating and researching, seeking new ways to improve
the health of the communities we serve
We are committed to training health care professionals of the future
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